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The Research Center for Chinese Herbal Medicine at China Medical University is established with the goal to engage in scientific, innovative yet authoritative theoretical and applied Chinese-Western Medicine research. The Center also focuses on pharmaceutical drug development. We aim to become the world leader in the medical research in the near future.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has enriched the lives of many people for the past thousands of years, as evidence by empirical data. It also provides valuable information in the development of modern medicine. In this post-genomic era, it is with cutting-edge technology as well as in-depth research can we create innovative drugs that brings even more benefits to the society.

Our school, China Medical University, has been devoted in the research and education of Chinese Herbal Medicine for more than half a century now. We have been the leaders of Chinese Medicine worldwide in both education and bio-technology. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of upholding the virtues of traditional medicine in integration with school resources. The idea not only enhances the connections between each research unit, but also encourages the formation of the Research Center for Chinese Medicine. The unique integration promotes the pharmaceutical research and the development of new drugs. Hence, the Research Center for Chinese Medicine at China Medical University hopes to continue being the leader in global pharmaceutical drug development.

The Research Center for Chinese Herbal Medicine will be leading by Vice Chancellor Dr. Yang-Chang Wu. We are honored to invite Academician Kuo-Hsiung Lee, Academician Yung-Chi Cheng, Academician Horace H. Loh, Academician Hsing-Jien Kung, Academician Mien-Chi Hung as scholar consultant committee members. There are three subdivisions under the director: Division of Research and Development, Division of Administration and Division of Performance Assessment.

To enhance our research, we have incorporated the existing Chinese Medicine research platforms: 1) a database containing more than five thousand samples of Chinese Herbal Medicine pure compounds, 2) the largest database of Chinese Medicine, 3) a clinical database and 4) a technological transfer along with the additions of disease-mode and image leading laboratory platforms. Under the guidance of many famous world scholars, academicians, experts and professors at China Medical University work together to set goals and develop strategies to endorsing the integration of educational and research resources of Chinese Medicine. Together, they all hope to provide both scholarly and industrial value to the research field of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Most importantly, all these efforts will seek the common aim, promotion of Chinese Medicine theory and Clinical Care to the world.


Research Highlights

  1. Executing three main projects: Cancer, Translational Medicine and Metabolism. With the corporation of other Research Centers in the university and Center of Graduate Student, our research center will further determine the sub-focus for each main project. This integration hopes to provide the best benefit possible.
  2. Planning a Village Settlement Plan for Central Regional Biomedical Industry. Notably, our center hope to accelerate the direct application of academic research to the industry by attracting more local manufacturers. The initial establishment of the Biotech Pharmaceuticals (Herbal) Preparatory Office, provides the connection between Central Regional Industries. This office will focus in quality agriculture, informational technology, Chinese Herbal Medicine and biomedical materials. Such a settlement idea will not only provide the most economical benefits, but will also strengthen the linkage and the cooperation between industry and academic.
  3. Hosting monthly meetings: to monitor the progress of each research division, to discuss the encountered problems, to seek for a solution together, to enhance the collaboration between divisions and to strive for outside budgets
  4. Utilizing Taiwan Clinical Chinese Medicine database, the current collection of pure compounds and their derivative samplings along with knowledge of the ingredients of Chinese Herbal Medicine as a basis, we hope to establish the most complete Chinese Herbal Extract and Pure Compound Database possible.